Sunday, July 12, 2009

scarves and such.

i just posted my scarves and scarfettes into my etsy shop.
now i have all of my current inventory posted. 
i'm quite proud.

i still haven't made that first sale, but i also haven't really started to promote. stache brother plaques made it onto etsy's "geek chic" gift guide! you can check it out here.

i was pretty stoked when i went to the homepage of etsy and there was a picture of my plaques at the top under the gift guides link. pretty cool if i do say so myself. 

in other news, my new sewing machine just arrived at my parents house.
my mom wants to wrap it up and keep it until my birthday, but i don't think i can wait 9 more days to use it. i want it now.

have a lazy sunday.

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