Thursday, May 28, 2009

before & after.

one of my favorite crafty sites is
i check it just about everyday and always get inspired by the beautiful photographs. 
a favorite feature of mine on DS is the before & after section

i love love love going thrift store shoppin' and seeing the potential that a crappy piece of furniture can have. 

today, i purchased this little side table to drop my keys on at the front door (...of course jameson had to check it out :)

...i'm thinking of painting it green and turning the base into a bed for jameson.

this is an old medicine cabinet that now holds my scarves and knick-knacks... is a trunk that i decoupaged to house various crafting supplies...

...and another (before & after)

...and this was once a boring old chair that probably sat in a church closet for years....NOW it's my crafting chair...

don't look at what something SEEMS to be...look at what it COULD be. that' s my motto. 



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mac and cheese IS a vegetable.

(this is my granny aline in her country kitchen.)

my dear friend ms. hadley mackin and i have decided we are going on tour. 
a meat-and-three tour. 

we're going to search this great city for the finest country cookin' to fill our bellies.
today we ate at sylvan park restaurant near melrose. 
i had the crab cakes. 
she had the catfish.

i see a tasty summer in my future. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

where i create.

one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me is other peoples creative spaces....SO, here are some pictures of where i create.

i have quite the breathtaking view of a brick wall. 

songs on repeat in my head.

and this kid cudi song, that for some reason i can't embed...but the video is pretty great.

etsy faves.

here are some of my favorite prints from the amazingly talented crafters/designers on etsy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

get your patriot on.

happy memorial day! 
time to fire up the grill, be with family, and be as lazy as possible.
yep, i love this country.

Friday, May 22, 2009

this is jameson.

this is jameson. he is my kitty. here are a few facts about jameson.

-he is scared of the vacuum cleaner
-he is scared of my sewing machine
-he loves tina fey
-he seeks out and consumes various types of bugs
-he is a ginger kitty
-he likes to sleep under the sink
-he loves to play with my yarn
-he enjoys scented candles
-he eats my potted plants
-he is really into carpet
-he is a good roommate

Thursday, May 21, 2009

collecting things.

when i was little i collected holiday edition barbie's. i never took them out of the box because i thought they'd be worth more later on. they are still in my mother's garage.

going along with the masses, i collected beanie babies in the mid-90's. i even had the jerry garcia beanie baby.

a few years ago, i started to collect buttons. it began when i found my grandmother's sewing kit and inside it were beautiful vintage buttons. from that point on, i grabbed any button i could get my crafty little fingers on. 

my current collection obsession?....salt and pepper shakers. 
there are just so many adorable sets out there. 

the set below is from anthropologie. too cute right?

these little guys are vintage and were purchased on etsy.

what do you like to collect?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

thrifty mcthriftface.

i just finished a massive shopping spree, and i must say.....i struck gold!

check out this adorable owl spoon rest...

...and this vase for the flowers my mom gave me on graduation day...

...and this fantastic hanging lantern...

...and this ornate mirror that i am thinking about painting purple and turning into a chalkboard (i heart chalkboard spraypaint!)...

...and all of it cost under $15! 

i also did some clothes shopping in green hills that was a little less thrifty, but still fabulous. 

i went to anthropologie to get inspired, which always works. i love that place...just wish i could afford ANYTHING inside. i usually look at the things they sell for $79 and think, "i could totally make that for 1/10th of the price"

as promised, i leave you with some pictures of my finished kitchen. if you can't tell, the color is kind of a sea-foam green. i'm quite pleased with the outcome.


for the little ones.

i finished painting my kitchen and living room. QUITE the ordeal. 
pictures to come later.

my oldest sister, kayce, has a bachelor's in english and is currently studying for her master's in information sciences. she also has a beautiful 18 month old son named braxton (above). her children's storytelling class inspired her to write a children's book and she asked me to do the illustrations! i love the idea. my other sister is an accountant, so maybe she can handle the money : )

Sunday, May 17, 2009

three gallons of paint.

this week, i am tackling the job of painting my apartment. its something i've been putting off because i know it will be a pain in the ass...but the time has come.
my kitchen currently has an AWFUL washed out sunflower border left behind from former tenants. i just don't think i can handle it anymore.

so here are the colors i am planning to use:

any thoughts???

i leave you with a picture of the happy couple, alex and georgia. the wedding was sooo sweet and the reception was absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

alex is getting married...!

today is the day!

my good friend alex and adorable fiance georgia are gettin' hitched this afternoon.

so congrats!...i love you both and wish you the best.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the plan.

i'm really starting to appreciate each day. 

i just graduated, from college and that probably has something to do with it. i'm not a fan of structured curriculum, or the way our higher education system is set up. so good riddance.

i have been crafting and creating since i could tear up paper and glue them back together again. for the past year i have worked for Simplicity Creative Group as the marketing intern. it was the best job ever. i learned so much from creative souls that have been in the business awhile. the business that i am excited and anxious to dive into. today was my last day and it was so bittersweet. i found my niche, and i don't like falling out of it. but at the same time, internships are for students...which i am not (thank god). the lovelies at the office gathered together and made me the greatest present i have ever received. they all wrote a sentence about me and my time at SCG, and gave it to me framed. it was adorable and i'll cherish it forever. WAY better than my resume. 

so now i plan.

i plan to create an etsy shop. i plan to do freelance work. i plan to paint my apartment walls. i plan to eat less sodium. i plan to recycle. i plan to see my nephew more often. i plan to blog.

i plan to blog about my recent creations, my future creations, the lovelies in my life, their creations, my inspirations, other bloggers, and the music/tv/movies that keep me entertained through the days. i hope you'll come back to visit. 

and remember to put your dancin' shoes on.

kelly. georgette
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