Tuesday, June 2, 2009

crazy for quilts.

for graduation, my friend michele muska was sweet enough to buy me a membership to the alliance for american quilts

i have always had a strong appreciation for the quilting arts, but attempting to actually make one always freaked me out. 
they seem so complex and geometrically precise. 
however, a "crazy quilt" is a type of quilt that uses very little precision and geometry. in fact, it's just random bits of scrap fabric sewn together and quilted. 

the AAQ recently held a contest for crazy quilts and i decided to try it out. 
the guidelines were a 16" x 16" crazy quilt consisting of three layers. 

this was the result:
it's not the greatest crazy quilt ever made, but i am quite pleased. it's my first successful attempt at quilting anything! 

now that i have gotten over my fear of quilting, i can't be stopped.

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