Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall plaid fall.

fall is my favorite. and so is plaid.
i like to associate the two.

now that the change of seasons is upon us, i've been seeking out fabulous plaid goodies.

i bought this great dress yesterday at old navy for only $25. it was a steal.

i love this tutorial on making plaid pillows with thrifted male shirts. via kelly+olive.

here are a couple of plaid clutches that i adore...
...and from lolafalk...

how about a fabulous vintage plaid thermos?

or this super cute plaid pumpkin pincushion from seapinks. i want one.

my new obsession with the show 'mad men' has got my plaid eye jumping with aesthetic happiness.
don't you just adore the 1960s plaid wallpaper?
the women may not have been well respected, but they sure looked swell with dresses like these.

...i leave you with some of my plaid goodies, available in my shop...


1 comment:

Hadley said...

Kelly! That dress is adorable!!! And I think I need a "Tennessee Plaid" brooch. And I am soooo paying for it this time.

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