Sunday, October 4, 2009

a how to for you: display frame.

this project was inspired by my friend sara.
she created a great display frame to show off her polaroid collection.
i use mine to show off inspirational sayings, photos, artwork, etc.

what you'll need:
small nails
small binder clips
craft wire (use a heavy gauge)
photos and pretty little things

1. i purchased my frame at a thrift store for only $4. i disposed of the glass and pulled out the staples around the frame for a a fresh piece. it was rather plain, so i painted it a nice green color.

2. starting 2 inches down, drive a nail into the back of the frame...making sure it will stay flush with the wall once you hang it. continue adding nails down the frame. i added a total of 4 on each side, 5 inches apart.

3. take your craft wire and wrap around one nail about 8 times. pull taut and wrap around the nail directly across the frame about 8 times. cut excess wire with wire cutters.

4. once you've done this to all the nails, it will look something like this...(its kind of hard to see, but there are four rows of wire going across).

5. finally, hang the frame and add binder clips to the wire. now you can display whatever inspires you and keeps you organized. hooray!

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