Friday, May 15, 2009

the plan.

i'm really starting to appreciate each day. 

i just graduated, from college and that probably has something to do with it. i'm not a fan of structured curriculum, or the way our higher education system is set up. so good riddance.

i have been crafting and creating since i could tear up paper and glue them back together again. for the past year i have worked for Simplicity Creative Group as the marketing intern. it was the best job ever. i learned so much from creative souls that have been in the business awhile. the business that i am excited and anxious to dive into. today was my last day and it was so bittersweet. i found my niche, and i don't like falling out of it. but at the same time, internships are for students...which i am not (thank god). the lovelies at the office gathered together and made me the greatest present i have ever received. they all wrote a sentence about me and my time at SCG, and gave it to me framed. it was adorable and i'll cherish it forever. WAY better than my resume. 

so now i plan.

i plan to create an etsy shop. i plan to do freelance work. i plan to paint my apartment walls. i plan to eat less sodium. i plan to recycle. i plan to see my nephew more often. i plan to blog.

i plan to blog about my recent creations, my future creations, the lovelies in my life, their creations, my inspirations, other bloggers, and the music/tv/movies that keep me entertained through the days. i hope you'll come back to visit. 

and remember to put your dancin' shoes on.

kelly. georgette

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Pattie Donham said...

Kelly Georgette, your blog was wonderful to wake up to this morning. It is so nice know people like you who share my enthusiasm for making and creating and inspiring others. Good luck with your brand new blog. I will be here often to see what creative things you're up to!

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