Thursday, May 28, 2009

before & after.

one of my favorite crafty sites is
i check it just about everyday and always get inspired by the beautiful photographs. 
a favorite feature of mine on DS is the before & after section

i love love love going thrift store shoppin' and seeing the potential that a crappy piece of furniture can have. 

today, i purchased this little side table to drop my keys on at the front door (...of course jameson had to check it out :)

...i'm thinking of painting it green and turning the base into a bed for jameson.

this is an old medicine cabinet that now holds my scarves and knick-knacks... is a trunk that i decoupaged to house various crafting supplies...

...and another (before & after)

...and this was once a boring old chair that probably sat in a church closet for years....NOW it's my crafting chair...

don't look at what something SEEMS to be...look at what it COULD be. that' s my motto. 



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