Thursday, May 21, 2009

collecting things.

when i was little i collected holiday edition barbie's. i never took them out of the box because i thought they'd be worth more later on. they are still in my mother's garage.

going along with the masses, i collected beanie babies in the mid-90's. i even had the jerry garcia beanie baby.

a few years ago, i started to collect buttons. it began when i found my grandmother's sewing kit and inside it were beautiful vintage buttons. from that point on, i grabbed any button i could get my crafty little fingers on. 

my current collection obsession?....salt and pepper shakers. 
there are just so many adorable sets out there. 

the set below is from anthropologie. too cute right?

these little guys are vintage and were purchased on etsy.

what do you like to collect?


Kayce said...

Your kitchen looks so good! Do you ever watch that show Design on a Dime. If not,I think you would like it. Love ya!


katie armstrong said...

Duh! I collect Cubs stuff....and bells!

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