Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a how to for you: ruffled throw pillow.

i made this dainty little pillow to reside on my couch and keep my neck free from aches and pains.

here's how i did it.

purchase a circular pillow from any thrift store.
(since i'm low on cash i made one myself).

you'll also need my favorite adhesive, fabri-tac...

...and some ruffle trim (pictured below) available at joanns.
**you could also make your own trim, its just a little more time consuming**
i used approximately 4.3 yards of the trim.

1. start by placing a dollop of fabri-tac at the base of the pillow and adhere the trim. continue adding fabri-tac to the lip of the trim and adhering it to the pillow in a circular motion, using pins to hold it in place while it dries.

2. once you close the gap to the center, cut of excess trim and glue the end into place.

3. make a yo-yo out of coordinating fabric. heres a good tutorial on how to make a yo-yo if you don't already know. sew a nice little button in the center of the yo-yo for embellishment.

4. now, glue the yo-yo into the center of the pillow. this hides the end of the trim and any glue that seeped out.


enjoy! hugs and kisses, kg.

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