Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a how to for you.

another how to for you!

my last how to was so well received, i have decided to post a second one.

ideally i'd like to post one tutorial every wednesday, if my schedule allows.
so thats the plan...

as a crafter/designer, i draw inspiration from all types of little things.
to keep this inspiration, i like to put the little things on display.

instead of that boring old corkboard, i use:
a couple of nails
some crafting wire
mini binder clips (clothespins work too :)

1. find a nice empty spot on your wall in an area where you create.

2. drive two nails into the wall as far apart as you want your display to be (mine is roughly 3 feet long). leave about 1 centimeter of the nail sticking out of the wall.

3. take some wire (i used 24 gauge crafting wire) and wind it around one nail 5 times. stretch it taut and wrap it around the other nail 5 times. cut off excess with wire cutters/scissors.

4. now use those mini binder clips, available at all office supply stores, to hold your sketches, pictures, inspirational sayings, etc....!

change it out frequently to keep inspired. do several rows to have lots of space for hanging.

and you won't have to continue to poke holes in your wall!...just the original two. could cut out letters from pretty paper and display sayings, mottos, this one from failedfeminist:

stay inspired. always.
x's & o's.

1 comment:

Alyssa said...

Cute! I like it. Once I get mine up I will take a picture to share.

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