Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a how to for you.

my buddy hadley was telling me about this cute mason jar soap dispenser she saw on etsy.

so i thought i'd give it try.

level of difficulty: super easy.

1. just take a mason jar and drive a nail through the center of the top.

2. remove the pump from a store bought soap dispenser (below).

3. widen the hole you made so that the pump fits snug inside.

4. put some super glue on the edge of the bottom of the pumps base, so that it adheres to the jar top. let dry.

5. now fill with soap. the more colorful the better.

purty ain't it!?


Karen said...

Hi Kelly, What a great idea! You dont happen to know where we could buy just those small pumps? I want to use your idea in both baths and kitchen but dont want to buy/recycle the soap containers :)
Karen Meyer
Aurora, CO

Madeline said...

I am going home and doing this! I have an old, cracked, mangled icky soap dispenser that needs to go away...and plenty of unused mason jars.....and I am sure my gamer man has some super glue around from his miniature building escapades.
I love this, thank you for giving me something creative to look forward to this evening!!!

NMPatricia said...

This is awesome. Thanks for the post. I second the question of where to get pumps.

Poesy's Pretty's said...

I would think you'd just take the pump of the soap despenser bottle. Super cute and my mom has tons of mason jars. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure you can get the pump piece only at most dollar stores

CorinneCanCraft said...

This is fantastic! I would add that country kitch touch with some plaid ribbon around the lid.

kelly georgette. said...

good idea corinne! embellishment is always a good idea!

@karen, i think you can by the pumps by themselves at most hardware/craft stores...or you can probably by a regular, cheap plastic dispenser and dispose of the bottom portion.

i'm so glad you all like the idea!

i will be adding more tutorials to my blog soon. i am hoping to add one every week on the same day if all goes well.

Marie G. said...

This online company sells 3 sizes of pumps for $1.04 each. see this link.

also your local Mary Kay consultant sells them as well for $1-2.

d said...

I put sea glass and shells in one of mine, and semi precious pebbles in another with clear soap.

kelly georgette. said...

thanks for the heads up Marie G!...and the cute shells idea D!!

Jena said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for mentioning our etsy shop and our dispensers. Your version is really cute! We just put up pump parts really cheap, and thought you'd like to know. :)


Allison said...

Oh - I like that! Thanks for sharing!
Always need another soap dispenser with 2 year twins in the house.

BEAN said...

SO going to do this for a gift this year.. Thanks!!

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